Price List
Stallion Collection
On farm/overnight $250/$371
Semen storage (once collected)
Semen freezing $4.45 / straw
Straw printing $175 / 500 straw
Courier Fees
Qantas priority – weekday* $675
Qantas priority – weekend* $750
(Road/airport collection quoted as required) 

Breeding The Mare
Chilled Semen/cycle $475
Frozen Semen/cycle $700
50% deposit to be paid upon arrival.
Vet costs only – drugs, incidentals, agistment, semen costs & freight additional.
Agistment (per day)
Private paddock $40
Group $25
Stallion $48
Wet Mare Group $35
Wet Mare Private $44
Foaling Down Fee $629
All mares are foaled down at Longwood Thoroughbred Farm $900
Transport $113

Full Trim $70
Half Trim $50
Half Shoes $150
Embryo Transfer Season Package*
Chilled Semen (ET) $2200**
Frozen Semen (ET) $2500**
Shipped Embryo Transfer $757
Embryo Recovery $550 plus consumables
Embryo Recovery & Transfer $950 plus consumables
*Season packages are for 4 attempts/**breeding mare, recovery & transfer
Recipient Mare
$4000 payable at 45 days positive pregnancy test.
Recipient Mare Set Up Cost (Quoted as required) $1000
This is payable only for all outside mares that are bred off farm, and booked in for embryo recovery and/or transfer or shipped embryo transfer. This fee covers the cost of recipient set up for off farm breeds and is non refundable. This deposit is included in the recipient mare price, the balance of is payable at 45 days positive pregnancy test.


All mares must have hind shoes removed prior to arrival, unless by prior arrangement.

Agistment and all incidental costs incurred on the recipient mare are the responsibility of the client once the recipient mare has carried the pregnancy past 45 days @ $21 per day.

Drugs, sedation, agistment, freight, and incidentals are not included in season packages or prices.

Recipients are required to be paid for in full at pickup. Recipients are to be returned after weaning. Fee for non-return $750. Recipients please are to be returned in acceptable condition, they are photographed on departure and return, and a $750 fee may apply if they are returned in unacceptable condition.

Group discounts on breeding fees may apply to clients breeding more than three mares. Please contact Stacy on 0437 870 507 if you have any further queries regarding pricing.